Merchant Services Account

As in any sales area, being successful online means making the sale AND getting paid.

Nothing helps you do this more than the ability to accept and process credit card payments right on your website in "real-time".

This capability is usually know as a "Merchant Services Account". A link to Advanced Marketing Group, the company which provides Webworkers with our credit card processing account, is below.

Disclosure and Disclaimer Statement
Important Information - Please Read

Webworkers participates in the Advanced Marketing Group "Referral" program (whose logo and link appears below). AMG is the company which provides Webworkers it's credit card processing account.

Your decision to use AMG, our preferred provider, should be based solely on your assessment of them and their services.

If you have any questions about "e-commerce" or about our participation in this referral program, or if you have any specific problem, please contact us and let us know immediately.

Click on the AMG logo to access their online application form.

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